Got a bundle?

Yep, that's right! As you can probably tell by the image. I'm definitely not talking about hair and for those that don't know what i'm talking about (Google it). Lol, I'm talking about my bundle of joy, my littlest baby girl, the newest and last edition to our family. Unless, we opt for a puppy or something later down the line. Probably not, but anyway! Her name is Ryleigh Gisele and she came in at a whopping 8 pounds and there most certainly won't be any more babies for me. I pretty much hit the reset button.

Welp! I'm back to nursing, changing diapers and dealing with a crying baby! But, birthing her has brought forth a change. A new thang! I'm talking about the changes I birthed in my business. I decided to revamp my studio to make it a more inviting experience for my clientele. I have also decided to upgrade equipment and add workshops to my scope of services. It's something about having another mouth to feed that will really light a fire under your ____ . Well, you can fill in the blank...

Speaking of blank, go ahead and fill out my contact form. So, I keep can in touch and keep you abreast (no pun intended, since i'm nursing and all) of all the new and exciting things that are happening over here. Even though, I have a new baby and i'm up all the time. I'm still creating new content, networking and booking appointments. Don't leave your girl hanging. Help a sista out! I love referrals, like you all loved that Popeye's chicken sandwich (that's another story for another day). I mean I didn't even get a chance to try one and if you didn't either you now have a chance to give me a try! I promise I won't bite and i'll even make it a pretty cool experience.

Well, as we all know all good things come to an end and so has this blog post. Go ahead and comment, let me know you were here and tell at least one person about me! Thanks in advance.

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